Since the 1970s, the Pyrmont Fire Station has had a resident of the non-human variety dubbed Harry. Over the years, a lot of firefighters who have worked at the station have their own stories to tell about him. Those stories often tell of banging and clanging noises during the night, making Harry the ghost quite the legend.

However, with the iconic building undergoing much-needed renovations, Harry also appears to have been affected. With Honestone providing the station’s polished concrete flooring in Pyrmont, the station’s human residents are well pleased. What about Harry the ghost?

$2.7 million upgrade

polished concrete flooring in PyrmontThe change began when NSW Emergency Services Minister Stuart Ayres and Fire and Rescue NSW Commissioner Greg Mullins announced a $2.7 million upgrade of the station building.

Located at 197 Pyrmont St, in Pyrmont, Sydney, the legend of Harry the ghost has disappeared, along with the old look of the station. With the upgrade, the station has been transformed into a first-class, modern, sophisticated and functional facility.

Polished Concrete Flooring in Pyrmont by Honestone

Integral to the 16-month make-over were principal contractor Artel constructions, Ispecs, and award winning flooring and wall specialist Honestone, in conjunction with Ardex Australia.

Artel constructions director Fyaz Gill said the company was honoured to take over the direction of the building and was buoyant that the refurbishment was a success.

Working from the ground up, Mr Gill said removing lead paints and asbestos took 4-5 months, and seismic work was done to resist a potential natural disaster.

“The extension took three months, then 5 months for the slab and lasiations” he said.

superior polished concreteArdex Australia NSW Specification Manager Mark Zangari said with a noticeably finer aggregate, the PanDOMO TerrazzoMicro was the chosen finish, producing a homogeneous and elegant finish.

“Being an engineered system by Ardex, the ratios all work together to ensure the right amount of marble chip is being displayed in the finish, something which often doesn’t happen with conventional polished concrete finishes,” he said.

“Considerably thinner than traditional terrazzo does not sacrifice in the strength of the floor, with it able to be used in high traffic areas.”

“The shinier material thickness also ensures minimal material consumption, which, combined with the Low VOC of the finish, provides some excellent green attributes for the flooring system.

“With the Pyrmont Fire Station, a white aggregate was used with a white binder in order to give the floor a nice, simple and sleek look. This assisted in accentuating the dark and face brick walls.”

Honestone director Rick Hendriks, in conjunction with an Ispecs spokesperson, said the polished concrete component was a medium diamond grind to partially expose the aggregate in a “hit & miss” appearance whilst the terrazzo flooring was Barossa White marble with White Ardex panDOMO TerrazzoMicro cement. Honestone’s polished concrete flooring in Pyrmont was met with praise.

“The finish was impeccable, extremely aesthetic and functional,” Mr Hendriks said.

“Our team worked tirelessly to perfect the project and we could not be happier with the results.”

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Ardex’s flooring contractor Greg Rees said the finished look was “really good”. “Honestone did a great job,” he said.

“There are little number of people we trust in NSW but we trust Honestone.

“This is by far the best Terrazzo job I have seen so far.”

Mr Gill said he was “delighted to work with Honestone. Honestone were very professional and easy to work with,” he said.

“I would recommend Honestone on any project.”

Amongst the masterful solutions Honestone can offer are terrazzo flooring, polished concrete floors, utilising floor sealers, epoxy garage floor coatings, alternative epoxy flooring/coatings, concrete levelling, concrete grinding, and- naturally for this superior enterprise–just about any matter pertaining to concrete.

To find out more about the extremely professional and innovative flooring and wall solutions Honestone can offer, and potentially help set ghosts free to go to heaven, contact us today on (02) 4353 0055.