• Features and Benefits of Resin Flooring


    There are many benefits of resin flooring that make it an ideal choice for your industrial or warehouse floor. For example, did you know that the thicker resin floor types are actually harder than concrete? This article aims to help you decide whether your particular project will benefit from resin flooring or not.

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  • How To Prevent Concrete From Cracking


    While you cannot entirely prevent concrete from cracking, there are certainly strategies to minimise it. Your best defence against concrete cracking is to try to control where the cracks will more likely occur. Prevention starts with creating a predetermined location of joints on the concrete floor. A concrete specialist can apply “preventive medicine” and precautionary measures […]

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  • Red Coloured Concrete Flooring For Acidic Barbershop and Skateshop


    “Acidic” has become an icon to the latest Australian skate park. Supporting the skater lifestyle, it regularly hosts events and spreads good vibes to the skaters nearby with its cool music and in-house DJs. Acidic is a barber shop and skate shop combined that offers skate and streetwear, skate accessories, great coffee by exceptionally skilled […]

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  • Seamless Polished Concrete Flooring Solutions For The Charter Hall Building in Sydney


    The Honestone Team recently completed an architectural flooring project for a headquarters for an Architectural Firm. Honestone worked together with Grimshaw Architects, a global architectural firm, to provide polished concrete flooring to their new building in Charter Hall Building on 333 George St., Sydney. The goal was to install a seamless polished concrete floor for […]

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  • Cutting Edge Polished Concrete Overlay in Wollongong


    We recently completed a modern polished concrete overlay project for cutting edge university accommodation. Honestone worked together with Hutchinson Builders to provide polished concrete flooring to build a unique and contemporary accommodation for the students living on campus in Wollongong University. The student accommodations on campus support the learning process and affect the success of […]

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  • 8 Benefits of Polished Concrete Floors That Make Them So Popular


    The benefits of polished concrete are many. It is a very popular choice among commercial, residential, retail, and industrial establishments. If you go to the mall, to a restaurant or to your office, try looking down, chances polished concrete is staring back at you. True to its name, “polished” concrete is what gives concrete floors […]

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  • 3 Essential Tips For Cleaning Concrete Floors Effectively


    Polished concrete floors can last a lifetime if maintained properly because they can withstand wear and tear through the densification and polishing process. But as durable as they come, these floors will eventually lose their sparkle if you fail to maintain it properly, especially if they are placed in high-traffic commercial or retail facilities. Generally, […]

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  • Green Building With Polished Concrete Floors


    Experts say about 40% of the carbon dioxide that contributes to climate change comes from buildings. Most of us think it results from energy needs such as air conditioning and lighting. But this is not the case…

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  • 15 Amazing Facts About Concrete


    The course of architecture was forever changed the day the ancient Romans developed concrete. This wonderful material is renowned for its strength and durability as well as being abundant. While the concrete that the Romans used to build their structures is very different from the type that we use today, concrete is still consistently the […]

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  • What is Involved in Installing a Polished Concrete Floor?


    Installing a polished concrete floor is not exactly an easy task. It requires a lot of planning and a whole lot of working hours. Timing is key when installing a polished concrete floor. Getting the timing wrong could involve ripping everything out and starting all over again. This job would normally take 3-6 days depending […]

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  • The Four Biggest Mistakes Stores Make While Cleaning Polished Concrete Floors


    Polished concrete floors are an amazing type of floor that will not only look great, but also last for many years. The secret is to look after them properly. A lot of people make the big mistake of thinking that a polished concrete floor will look great without much effort. While concrete floors are extremely […]

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  • 10 Amazing Ways Decorative Concrete Overlays Can Transform Your Floor


    If you want to transform your now-imperfect concrete floor into something seriously fabulous without spending a fortune, then going for decorative concrete overlays is a very attractive option. Discover 10 eye-opening reasons why…

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  • Stunning Polished Concrete Floor in Dover Heights


    Home is where the heart is, and to put the pulse back into an exclusive property takes the expertise of top-notch architects, builders and flooring specialists. In the suburb of Dover Heights in Sydney, a property in Aboukri Street was renovated, translating tradition to modernity under the auspices of Sam Crawford Architects (SCA), SQ Projects and renowned flooring and walling specialist, Honestone.

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  • The Basics of Polished Cement Floors


    The advent of polished cement floors has certainly changed the way we think about concrete flooring. We used to associate concrete floors and walls with coldness. We might have even thought about concrete as something that brings prison to mind. Not anymore, not with the beauty, elegance and warmth that polished cement brings with it.

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  • Slip Resistance and Slip Testing for Concrete Floors


    The very smooth and shiny finish of polished concrete floors tend to give people the impression that they’re slippery too. Nothing, however, can be further from the truth. Polished concrete floors are completely safe to walk on. The reason? They are subject to rigorous slip resistance tests.

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  • 10 Fascinating Quotes about Concrete


    Concrete is everywhere. Just look at our roads, buildings, dams and bridges. Today, it is the single most widely used material in the world. Its impact on our everyday lives is hard to ignore.

    So we decided to collect 10 fascinating quotes about concrete, all of which will put how we view concrete in the proper perspective – be it music, dreams and even bad weather…

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  • Superior Polished Concrete Flooring in Pyrmont – and a Ghost


    Since the 1970s, the Pyrmont Fire Station has had a resident of the non-human variety dubbed Harry. Over the years, a lot of fire fighters who have worked at the station have their own stories to tell about him. So when the station got a long needed renovation, what happened to Harry the ghost?

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  • Stunning retail space a reality with Honestone


    When a central business district building in Erina, on NSW’s Central Coast, needed some nurturing, the owners decided to turn their commercial headquarters into a chic retail hub. Their first port of call for the iconic Platinum Building’s make-over was well known flooring and wall specialist, Honestone. The company’s director, Rick Hendriks, said for the discerning […]

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  • Furniture specialist chooses classiest finish for showroom


    When style gurus Fanuli Furniture, on Military Road at Cremorne, wanted to create the perfect finish to their showroom, they chose to integrate a look that was in sync with the trend setting company’s modern and classy appeal. The perfect solution came from renowned wall and flooring specialists, Honestone. The company’s director, Rick Hendriks said, […]

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  • When heritage flooring becomes eternally stylish


    When internationally recognised Crawford Architects’ Sydney branch wanted to create a remarkable urban design, with a flooring solution to match their prowess, they had to make serious choices. Being so reputable, with a proven track record in the planning and design of a wide range of development types, detail was of utmost importance. They chose to […]

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  • Honestone takes top honours at international awards’ night


    Flooring and wall surface solution specialist, Honestone, has cleaned up at the internationally renowned Decorative Concrete Council Awards 2013 in the United States. The Australian company won the Overlays Under ¼” > 500SF section as well as second place in the Vertical > 5000SF for the outstanding work performed at St Barnabas Church in Broadway […]

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