Flooring and wall surface solution specialist, Honestone, has cleaned up at the internationally renowned Decorative Concrete Council Awards 2013 in the United States.

The Australian company won the Overlays Under ¼” > 500SF section as well as second place in the Vertical > 5000SF for the outstanding work performed at St Barnabas Church in Broadway earlier 
this year.

The Awards are part of the reputable American Society of Concrete Contractors, who strive to “enhance the capabilities of those who build with concrete”.

Church nurtured back to life

The Anglican church, which Honestone helped beautify, was burnt to the ground on May 10 in 2006.

Six years on, the Church was rebuilt and recently re-opened its doors to the community.

The church was nurtured back to life with the help of architects Francis-Jones Morehen Thorp, Buildcorp Contracting NSW and subcontractors including Honestone.

Honestone director Rick Hendriks said his team of experts came on board three months prior to project completion to ensure the best, timely, and professional seamless floor and wall solutions were utilised.

The job was so perfectly achieved, it has now gone down in history as a dual award winning project.

“As our first ever entry into this international competition, we are totally floored by the result – pardon the pun. What an awesome way to finish the year!” Mr Hendriks said.

“Our Honestone team has worked extremely hard this year to achieve some stunning results, and to now be recognised by our industry peers as the best, makes me very proud of the people we have.

“To come away with a first and second place, it just goes to show, Australian decorative concrete skills are up there with the world’s best.

“The presentation night is at the World of Concrete in Las Vegas in February 2013, which we are very excited to be attending.”

In interpreting the intricate level of work achieved, Mr Hendriks said, “We wanted to incorporate a true representation of the warm and holy nature of the church and worked with a white Ardex panDOMO Floor-Plus seamless polished cement finish for several areas, including the upstairs worship space, the stairs to the alter and a beautifully curved feature wall,” Mr Hendriks said.

“Spanning some 200 square metres, we also used a subtle light-grey polished cement for the lobby floor of the church, which was in tune with the serene nature of the space.

Mr Hendriks said his team, as always, took extra steps to ensure seamless project management and an outstanding final result.

“We used three different skill sets of our highly trained crews over an eight week period to perfect the project.

“The project involved many intricate processes too, such as blending wall products to the flooring, working with curvatures, and technical details such as lining up corners and levelling various planes.

“No one has done anything like this in Australia on one project, which in total encompassed 600 square metres of flooring and 280 square metres of walls.

“We are very proud of the final aesthetics Honestone was able to contribute to the church, coupled with great functionality of a well gripped surface for the congregation.”