Stylish polished concrete finish in Sydney – Minter Ellison Lawyers



When it comes to legal prowess, Minter Ellison Lawyers is renowned for its superior services and elite level of experience. Recently relocated from Phillip Street to Governor Macquarie Tower in Sydney, the company, after securing a 12 year lease at the establishment, made the bold decision to refurbish its office space.

In line with its first class reputation, Minter Ellison Lawyers insisted on aligning the project with high-end builders and contractors to redefine sophistication on seven levels of the building. The project was instigated in November 2014 and completed in May 2015, utilising the prominent skills and building nous of Buildcorp, and exclusive wall and flooring specialist, Honestone, and a number of contractors.

After a concise, compound and intense project analysis by all parties, the final result is a stunning overhaul of the space, with flexible, task-based work settings, supported by state-of-the art technology and timeless, natural and warm materials.

Revamping the flooring was in the primary hands of Honestone’s team, with director Rick Hendriks at the helm. Mr Hendriks said the floors were covered in up to 30mm of levelling compound and carpet adhesive, and for his team it was ‘the very worst scenario’. However, for Honestone, it was a challenge the team was able to overcome with intuitive insight and concise planning, all of which was conquered in a restricted timeframe.

Honestone’s objective was diamond grinding an existing concrete slab, in an approximated space of 9000 square metres over the seven levels. Mr Hendriks said there were unique challenges in the setting.

“Honestone had to fill existing core holes and extensively patch throughout to prepare for grinding, polishing and sealing,” he said. “In the first days onsite we had to establish a sample for approval. This set the benchmark for the expected finish throughout the project.”

Mr Hendriks said the client’s chosen sealer was Epimax 999 and 777 matte sealer with a stylish polished concrete finish. “Each level produced 6-10 tonnes of dust. This was captured by our industrial dust extractors into dust bags and sent down the lift into bins and disposed of offsite.”

“The end result was extremely impressive and I am overtly pleased with what my team has achieved.”

Mr Hendriks said the company had worked with Buildcorp on its internationally award winning project, St Barnabas Church, in 2012, after the Church in Broadway, Sydney, was burnt to the ground in 2006.

Honestone, was key to perfecting the finishing look of the church, being responsible for the flooring, alter area and stairs as well as a stunning curved feature wall surface.

Daniel Mills, project manager from Buildcorp Interiors said, “Honestone has done a great job, met their committed dates and worked in well with our site requirements. “We’re pleased with how the floor polishing has progressed, particularly as this was an item of uncertainty for us at the commencement of the project.”

Buildcorp Interiors project director Mathew Patoulios said, “from the very moment we hit site, the momentum has been absolutely extraordinary. “The team work between contractors was the best I have seen.“Our finishes team, including but not limited to our partitioners and joiners have made this one of the best quality fit outs in Sydney if not Australia.

“The client and BVN are so impressed with the workmanship and quality of all facets of the project.” Minter Ellison Lawyers innovation and networks leader Andrew Cunningham said he was impressed with the outcome and the offices are now designed to encourage movement. He said he strongly believes that the more agile workspace is a more productive and outcome-focused one.

Mr Hendriks said the opportunities in this setting demonstrated to the builder and client that Honestone is flexible, and that the well-respected company can instinctively deal with unexpected challenges.

To find out more about the extremely professional and innovative flooring and wall solutions Honestone can offer, go to the website or on (02) 4353 0055.