Decorative Cement Topping – Lvl 10 MLC Centre North Sydney


The North Sydney campus was refurbished by Built under the design of WoodsBagot.

WoodsBagot designed the lift lobby and kitchen breakout area to have a bare, plain looking concrete floor. With the existing floor being covered in tiles it was decided to go with a floor topping capable to look like a bare concrete floor without any exposed aggregate.

Due to Built’s tight programme and in close consultation with Honestone the rapid cure cement topping allowed for minimal shut down of the area, which was imperative for this project.

Demoltion of the existing floor tiles revealed a weak, cracked cement screed. Under the experienced advice from Honestone this cement topping needed to be removed back to a sound concrete substrate.

Now with a deep 40mm setdown the area needed to be bulk filled prior to the 6mm decorative cement topping. This created two problems, scheduling another shutdown of the area and the unexpected additional cost of the bulk fill. Honestone’s rapid cure screed single handedly addressed both. Our rapid cure screed proved far more cost effective than a typical levelling compound and with overnight installation the screed was open to other trade traffic the following morning.