Decorative Cement Floor – Woolshed Ad Agency


Australia’s leading panDOMO installers joined forces to help transform a 140-year-old woolshed into a modern office space.

Initially wanting polished concrete, but not content with the existing cement colour, the client was searching for alternatives that kept with the polished concrete vision they had for that space. On site samples of panDOMO floor provided the unique look that the client was wanting to achieve.

After extensive substrate preparation to make the existing concrete floors level, the entire 1200 square metre floor was poured in 1 day. While a 6mm decorative cement floor is typically seamless, the existing expansion joints were followed to create a unique 2 metre square pattern over the whole area. Our specialist crews, together with the environmentally friendly flooring system, produced a spectacular floor that absolutely compliments the old glass raked roof, creating a truly spacious and very impressive top floor workplace.