Concrete Polishing in Darlington – URBANEST


A-grade university facility thanks to innovative flooring solution

Urbanest is student accommodation with a difference, where everything is top of the class; is distinctive, interactive and extremely functional.

The renowned student hub was founded in 2008 and has expanded to Adelaide, Brisbane, Melbourne and Sydney.  Every Urbanest student accommodation property has a community feel where students can enjoy a superb lifestyle with the best rooms, study areas and social spaces as well as a great support network.

In conjunction with renowned wall and flooring specialist, Honestone, and Bates Smart Architects, the accommodation facilities at the Darlington residence in City Rd are now of the highest grade. To integrate an “up to date” sense of modernity and interactive impression for students, the concrete wall and flooring specialist Honestone team worked with Urbanest to create a flawless and welcoming environment for students.

The original concept Urbanest was intent on using was vinyl, however the company was lured by the functionality and attractiveness of concrete polishing in the Sydney environs integrating PanDOMO FloorPlus, recommended by Honestone.  Being a thin application, the trowel on finish suits all situations, whether it be low traffic residential through to heavy foot traffic – and in the case of Urbanest, it was an unsurpassed solution.

Similar to a burnished levelled concrete look, the FloorPlus finish provides a minimal trowelled surface when it comes to a polished concrete floor.

The expressive character creates an individual texture which is ideal for independent design concepts.

PanDOMO flooring was installed to give a “perfect” finish to the studious environment, enticing a functional, yet casual, and smooth finish to the grounds, offering students an inviting environment to meld study and social activities.

The end result was in line with an environment for students that exuded a sense of educational functionality and also in sync with a top class facility. The type of finish used in this instance was ideal for unlimited spaces, including university facilities, retail stores and showrooms, high end residential properties, shopping malls, manufacturing spaces, restaurants and office and commercial enterprises and communal outdoor area.